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Kallion Farms has been a leader in carcass data collection from day one. They value data that can help all cattlemen.
— Tommy Perkins, Ph.D. Executive VP
I’m extremely impressed and pleased with the quality of Kallion Farms Brahmans genetics. Grant has done a phenomenal job of breeding genetics that are docile, fertile and above all have the carcass merit qualities every cow man/woman looks for in this industry. We have invested in Kallion Farms genetics because we believe in their program, and we look forward to producing some excellent cattle using their bloodlines that have the performance data and results to stand behind them.
— HM Cattle Co.
Kallion Farms’ Brahman genetics consistently produce highly marbled beef that will melt in your mouth. Twenty-four recently harvested Brahman steers had carcass shear force values between 3.70 and 7.28 pounds of pressure, with an average value of 5.31. This is comparable to the very best steaks at restaurants through North America. Kallion Brahmans have been intensely selected for temperament, marbling, tenderness, and fertility for the past eleven years. The true results are in the eating experience when Kallion beef is on the menu.
— Dr. Roger E. Hunsley, Ph.D.
At Kallion Farms, we have proven that the Brahman breed has much more to offer. Our cattle consistently average above a 4.0 on IMF and will range from 3.0 to 7.0 plus. In other words, at a year of age, Kallion Brahmans will already have an average choice for marbling. We have worked hard breeding and selecting cattle for fertility, phenotype, temperament, and carcass qualities. I am confident that our cattle will fit in any cattleman’s operation in the southern United States.
— Grant Vassberg, Owner of Kallion Farms

Kallion Farms has been in pursuit of fertility and femininity in the Brahman Breed for many years. This is the main reason why I chose to join their team. Kallion Farms have identified certain DNA markers in the Brahman breed that have very high marbling and tenderness qualities which I feel will change the Brahman breed in the next decade.
— Lew Thompson, South Texas Cattle Marketing
At Magic Ranch, more than half of our herd is composed of Kallion-branded cows. After 3 years in the Brahman business, we are pleased with their docility, production and maternal ability. We very rarely have to assist with births, and so far, we have seen a strong demand for our calves. We are a performance-focused operation that utilizes ultrasound technology to evaluate the carcass aspects of our replacement heifers and bull prospects, and the calves out of our Kallion females have averaged over a 4 %IMF for the last 2 calf crops! Kallion Farms stands behind their product and has been great to do business with. I highly recommend their genetics and program.
— Emily Otto, Magic Ranch
From 2005 to 2007 we purchased several Herd Bulls from Kallion Farms based on the strength of their feed efficiency, great confirmation, and excellent pedigrees. Will are still using some of those bulls and many of their offspring in our herd today. We have never been disappointed in their fertility and offspring quality. Today we own over 600 Registered females and 50 bulls, all direct descendants of our original Kallion Herd bull battery.
— Leo Casas, Kallion Customer

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