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The Perfect Brahman

We at Kallion understand the business of breeding beef cattle is a profit driven business, just like any other business. Therefore, we are dedicated to breeding a perfect Brahman.

We have proven that the Brahman breed has much more to offer than what is commonly known. We have worked hard breeding and selecting cattle for fertility, phenotype, temperament, and carcass qualities and consider all of these traits mandatory in selecting and breeding our cattle.

Our Mission

Today we are one of the largest producers in the USA of registered Brahman cattle. However, we did not buy the females that are in production in our herd today – we created them. 

Instead of focusing on being a performance based breeder, or focusing solely on maternal traits, we simply breed for both.




Kallion is the #1 breeder of docile Brahmans in the industry. 

We consider docility a mandatory trait in our selection process and breeding. If any animal shows the slightest sign of aggression or any sign of nervousness, they are immediately culled from our program.

At weaning, before growing familiar with human interaction, we sort each animal into solo confinement and assign a temperament score of 0 to 5, with 0 being the most docile. In the beginning, 90 to 95 percent of our calf crops would be considered "wild" by our standards today. In 2015 alone, 80% scored at a 0 or 1, meaning the calves would be considered very calm by any cattleman’s standards.

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We do not simply select for fertility, we demand it.

We consider it mandatory that our females calve every year. Upon entering the brahman business over 20 years ago, our females would normally start cycling at 2 years of age or older. Today, our brahman females are cycling by 15 months old and some even start cycling before a year of age.

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We strive to produce females that are both powerful but yet feminine.

We strive to produce perfect cattle for the cattleman- Brahmans with a deep spring of rib, moderate framed, heavily boned, and completely void of structural issues. Females with any udder problems or hoof trouble are culled from our herd.

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Kallion is the industry leader in producing Brahmans with high quality beef.

Our cattle undergo rigorous testing in order to insure Kallion cattle meet our high standards. We collect birth weights, weaning weights, yearling weights, IMF scans, and REA on our cattle.

We have retained ownership of our steers since 1998. In some of the first tenderness data collected, our animals ranged from 4 to 25 pounds based on the Warner Bratzler Sheer Force Test. Today, Kallion Farms steers average well less than 5.5 pounds on the Sheer Force Test. Our IMF% scores are consistently much higher than the average in the brahman industry.

We are excited with our progress and will never stop raising the bar for the breed as we continue in our search of excellence.

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