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We Breed Excellence


At Kallion Farms, we don’t simply just raise Brahman cattle, we truly breed them. We breed with only one judge in mind - the cattleman. Our Brahman cattle are bred for their performance, fertility, structural soundness and docility. As innovators in the beef industry, our mission is to produce cattle that are true profit generating animals to our clients, the cattlemen.

Kallion is the no. 1 breeder of fertile, docile, and performance Brahman cattle.

Kallion Farms’ Brahman genetics consistently produce highly marbled beef that will melt in your mouth.
— Dr. Roger E. Hunsley, Ph.D.
Kallion Farms has been a leader in carcass data collection from day one. They value data that can help all cattlemen.
— Tommy Perkins, Ph.D. Executive VP
We invested in Kallion’s genetics because we believe in their program and want to produce excellent cattle with their bloodlines that have the data and results to stand behind them.
— HM Cattle Co.

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