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Meet the Kallion Team


“We don’t breed to make a living, we breed to make a difference.”


Grant Vassberg, Owner
(979) 204 3126


Patty Davis, Assistant Manager
(409) 651 5507

What sets Kallion Farms apart in the Ag Industry?
Kallion Farms aims for excellence in everything we attempt to accomplish.

Why did you choose to work at Kallion Farms?
Kallion Farms provides a dynamic work environment built on integrity.

Favorite past time?
Family, friends, and fellowship - with a little tennis added to the mix.


Trent Vassberg, Land Clearing & Kallion Beef
(571) 425 0004

Simon Gutierrez, Land Clearing
(210) 429 3542

Bailey Eells, Land Clearing
(936) 201 9233

JW Jones, Land Clearing
(281) 386 9556

Reymundo Gonzales, Cattle Ranch Hand
(979) 324 5303


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