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The Kallion Standard

We are an industry leader in producing Brahman with superb carcass qualities.
Our culling/breeding programs are among the strictest in the Brahman industry.
All of our cattle must have the following five traits:


Naturally docile

Calve every season

Maintain perfect feet and udders

Require no assistance nursing

Raise a calf with great phenotypic qualities

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Raising the bar for the Brahman breed


As innovators in the beef industry, we recognize the importance of breeding Brahman cattle for the traits cattleman need in their herds - docility, fertility, and carcass merit.

We understand the business of breeding beef cattle is a profit driven business, just like any other business. We are dedicated to breeding the ideal beef animal, providing the best product for sell to the consumer and to the beef producer. 

Starting in 2003, we genetically tested hundreds of Brahmans from the breed's most popular bloodlines for cattle that possessed DNA markers for marbling and tenderness. With these results, we built the foundation of our registered herd. After 10 years of breeding and using our strict culling program, less than 2% of these original cattle remained in our herd.


Today we are one of the largest producers in the USA of registered Brahman cattle. We did not buy the females that are in production in our herd today – we created them. 

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Learn more about the required cattle traits at Kallion Farms:



Kallion is the no.1 breeder of docile Brahmans in the industry. We consider docility an essential trait in our selection process. At weaning, before growing familiar with human interaction, we sort each animal into solo confinement and assign a temperament score of 0 to 5, with 0 being the most docile. In the beginning, 90 to 95 percent of our calf crops would be considered "wild" by our standards today. In 2015 alone, 80% scored at a 0 or 1, meaning the calves would be considered very calm by anyone's standards.



We consider it mandatory that our females calve every year. On our young heifers, we check the maturity of the reproduction tract by palpating to make sure they are reaching puberty at an early age. Notes are taken on births that require assistance calving or nursing and are culled from the program, period.



Our cattle undergo rigorous testing in order to insure Kallion cattle meet our high standards. We collect all actual birth weights, weaning weights, and yearling weights. We also collect average daily gain data and carcass trait data. We strive to push the limits, but never jeopardize fertility and maternal characteristics that define this breed.


Feed Efficiency

In 2006, we started individually testing all females and most male calves born for feed intake and conversion through the Grow Safe System. In our first test, both male and female animals ranged from 4 to 14.5 pounds of feed to gain one pound. After years of selecting the most efficient animals from this testing procedure, we now produce cattle that maintain their weight and perform in conditions where many other cattle would not thrive. 



Tenderness is considered the most important factor for customer satisfaction. We have retained ownership of our steers since 1998. In some of the first tenderness data collected, our animals ranged from 4 to 25 pounds based on the Warner Bratzler Sheer Force Test. Today, Kallion Farms steers average well less than 5.5 pounds on the Sheer Force Test. 



After breeding and selecting Brahmans that have the ability to grade well for over a decade, we are proud of how our cattle are able to perform today. Our IMF% scores have always been some of the best in the industry. We are excited with our progress and will never stop pushing the limit as we continue in our search of excellence.



We strive to produce the most perfect cattle for the cattleman - spring of rib, easy keeping, moderate framed, and heavy bone. We place a heavy emphasis on structural soundness. See our current inventory of Brahman bulls for sale and add this valuable trait to your herd.


In 2016, we broke the World Record for the highest scanning Brahman to date.