Kallion Land Services & Materials

Kallion Farms is now offering various land services. Read below to see which services may best fit your needs.


Land Clearing

Land clearing is an effective method to prepare for new land development and construction projects. It promotes healthy tree and plant growth, keeps the soil healthy, prevents erosion, reduces the risk of brush fires, and minimizes pest problems. For ranches, land clearing is an effective method when brush takes over valuable pasture land, hurting the ability for crops to grow and animals to graze.


Stone, Boulders, and Other Materials

Landscape boulders and stones are harvested locally and are available for pick-up or delivery. Kallion offers a variety of sizes and shapes of beautiful fieldstone that will add character and texture to your landscape project. Feature and functionality can be accomplished with Kallion’s boulders, rocks and stones – taking the ordinary to extraordinary.


Timber Harvesting

Timber removal and forestry mulching are additional services offered through Kallion Land Clearing. Kallion is diligent in their tree removal process to retain the client’s vision of the landscape left behind. In an effort to give back to the landscape Kallion mulches removals for use in additional landscaping projects.


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Kallion Land Clearing serves Grimes and Brazos Counties