Our Mission


Kallion Farms is a profit driven business breeding the ideal beef animal, producing the best animal to the rancher and to the beef consumer. Twenty years ago, when we began carcass-based Brahman breeding, we set specific goals for our program. One of the first goals was to produce Brahman bulls that produce steaks comparable to the best Angus bulls in the country. Secondly, produce females you will never have to sell: tame, fertile, easy fleshing and structurally sound. As innovators in the beef industry, our mission is to produce cattle that are true profit generating animals to our clients, the cattlemen.

Join us as we continue in the search of excellence.


Rich History

Through many efforts and cutting-edge technological methods, Kallion Farms has built an extensive breeding program that ensures only the most superior product. 


After graduating from Texas A&M University in the Spring of 1987, Byron Vassberg began farming cotton and sugar cane. A first generation farmer and rancher, Vassberg obtained his first cattle in 1994. He started with 125 commercial cross females and seven Limosin bulls.

A couple of years later in 1998, Kallion Farms had grown to 400 commercial Brahman females, one Brahman bull, 27 Braunvieh bulls. 80 calves were sired by our one and only Brahman bull. It was during this time that we began slaughtering our steers. Out of all the steers slaughtered from the 400 commercial Brahmans, only one graded Prime. This steer was sired by the only Brahman bull in the herd. Every steer we bred, we retained for slaughter and we found that the Brahman steers sold for the same price as the F-1 steers. We noticed that the premium for a Brahman heifer was much higher compared to the F-1 heifers. From then on, we made the obvious decision to breed our cows solely with Brahman bulls.

From 1998-2004, we transitioned our herd from commercial Brahman cattle to registered Brahmans. In 2003, we took major steps to accelerate our program by DNA testing over 3,000 head of Brahman cattle from the breed's most popular bloodlines. These genetically superior cattle were the foundation in which we built our herd. In 2004, we began the breeding program that we use today - heavily utilizing embryo transfer technology and focusing on promoting docility, fertility, and carcass qualities. 

We started collecting feed conversion data on all females and potential herd sire males in 2006. By the spring of 2007, we began aspirating yearling females to speed up the breeding program. We have collected over 2,500 ultrasound scans for IMF and REA.

In 2011, Byron's son, Grant Vassberg became General Manager and took lead of the breeding program at Kallion Farms. Grant purchased Kallion Farms in early 2017 and continues its legacy of being
"In Search of Excellence".